Surveying Services

Surface & Land Surveying

All surface surveying including co-ordinating Pours tache surveying, contuoring, profiling and leveling

Open Cast Mining

General Surveying, cut and fill calculations, mine plans with sector and volume calculations rehabilitation plans including slope parameters.


All underground serveys including syro case and cheek surveys

PG Consult is dedicated to providing consistent, accurate and timeously surveying services to our customers.

  • Provide survey services to Mining, Civil and Engineering industry
  • Offer the drone surveys services
  • Assist and provide survey direction lining to Fibre installation companies by using the recent technology of ground radar system
  • Assist mining groups with Legal appointment under reg 17(2)a as per DMR requirements to Run an effective Mining Operation.
  • Stockpile survey for reconciliation purposes during monthly or weekly period
  • Assist with outsourcing of the surveyors personnel in the industry
  • Forge links with various stakeholders and relevant bodies in the Mining , Civil and Engineering industry
  • High quality surveys and accurate data
  • Array of resolutions depending the project needs
  • Mining equipment count
  • Drainage contours
  • Stockpile volumes
  • Surface to surface volume calculations
  • Open cast pit surveys
  • Digital surface models